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Each year, Russian Bear host the King of Kicks competition, which allows sneaker heads to showcase their collection or sneaker knowledge. The required a new website to allow users to sign up and submit competition entries. It was also necessary to include the previous 3 years’ entries as a portfolio of sneakers. 


Together with Russian Bear’s advertising agency, I created a site that allows users to login/sign up in order to create entries into the various competitions. There were different weekly competitions that allowed the public to log into the site and vote. Different entry/voting mechanisms were used, such as picture vs picture, multiple choice, and text entry. 

The system allows users to login and see their entries, and manage/edit if necessary. 

There are also several sections of the site that will pull specific categories of entries automatically starting at the latest and moving to previous years, allowing the site to showcase a large catalogue of sneakers.

There were hundreds of entries received in the 2019 competition.

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